Wednesday 11 June 2014

High Camp June 2014

Below find a great summary of our the first of our High Camps 2014 - Peat restoration at Little Firthhope, Carrifran by our High Camps leader Hugh Chalmers

If you are tempted to join us on the second on 19th/20th Junly (don't be put off by the pictures in the rain...) contact

Heading up to Firthhope

Green veined butterflies on sundew 

At the waterfall viewpoint we saw the damage done by roebuck to some of our little trees

It rained hard from 1pm to 6pm. Getting coir rolls into place

Getting posts through the coir mats was quite difficult

Coir rolls in place at the top of the eroding peat

We laid approximately 500m of jute mesh

In the deep peat gully, Dave Arnotts wood dams are tested

The jute mesh laid down in August 2013 shows good signs of encouraging vegetation.

Deep peat headcut

Working through the downpour

On Sunday we found a nice patch of globeflower just downstream of the peat restoration site

We also picked 87 catkins from 4 bushes and sent them to Alba trees to be grown on.

We noticed that most of the juniper in the previously enclosed area at Little Firthhope has died.

But we did find that outside the enclosure the junpier is thriving

We rounded off the Sunday by removing around 300 mesh guards from junipers in Firthhope

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