Thursday 19 June 2014

Montane Scrub Action Group visit

This week we were very lucky to have the Montane Scrub Action Group visit us at Borders Forest Trust.

What is Montane Scrub? Well Scottish Natural Heritage give the best description.....

Montane Scrub, that fascinating mix of gnarled and twisted 'wee trees' and other plants and animals associated with them, is the 'Cinderella' habitat of Scotland. Without positive measures for reinstatement, the future for this valuable habitat looks bleak. Forming a natural zone between the treeline and the high montane heath, montane scrub adds diversity to the scenery, helps to prevent erosion, and provides a haven for nesting birds and a valuable food source for migrants.

And the Montane Scrub Action Group? They are a group of experts from across Scotland who promote the importance of montane scrub and discuss and advise on best practice. The group attending on the day included representatives from Scottish Natural Heritage, Forest Enterprise, National Trust for Scotland, Cairngorms National Park Authority, Trees for Life and ourselves represented by Philip Ashmole. Overall a group of very important folks who were delighted to have visit!

We took them out to Talla and Gameshope, our recent purchase, for a walk around and to gather their advice on future planting possibilities of montane species. On our walk around we were able to identify some species that already exist on site including those photographed below:

Alpine Clubmoss
A tiny Rowan found growing above 700m
There were some really interesting discussions within the group who were excited about the scope for restoration at Talla and Gameshope. It was a brilliant day out with a lot of food for thought!

View over Gameshope Loch
If anyone would like to know more about montane scrub have a look at the booklet produced by SNH

Site Officer
Photos from Philip Ashmole

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