Wednesday 25 June 2014

Notes from a ramble through Wildwood

This post comes from one of our volunteers and steering group members. A great little snippet of some bits and bobs observed on a walk through the site. 

Took a short walk up the left hand bank of the Carrifran burn yesterday afternoon and was delighted to see a cinnabar moth and then two more on the track back.  Also noticed a few of the early purple orchids along that bank were still in flower although most had gone to seed. 

View down into Carrifran from Rispie Lairs
Wide range of other wild flowers including beautiful clumps of Cranesbill by the stream.

Masses of Green Veined White butterflies, some of them clustering on the track.  

Unlucky butterflies, lucky sundew!
Lovely clump of butterwort
And lastly the first regenerating alder I've seen in the valley, it was in the wood just up from the cattle grid on the left hand side of the rough path.

Volunteer and Steering Group member

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