Wednesday 11 June 2014

The annual Carrifran bracken bash

Yesterday our regular Carrifran volunteer group met and we had a number of tasks that needed doing.

The first..... bracken bashing (for those of you who have read our earlier article on bracken at Corehead, see the link to the SNH document for more info).

There were a number of Oaks and Hawthorn that were planted on a slope and were becoming swamped with bracken. Our volunteers Stan, Malcolm, John and Les went out armed with slashers and canes to do a mixture of bruising and cutting around the little trees to release them. They did an amazing job and we plan to revisit the area at the end of July to hit the bracken back again.

We also did a bit of maintenance on our small visitor circular path which leads from the car park, up to the stell viewpoint and back. Armed with a strimmer, we managed to cut about 3/4s of the path. One of our volunteers Robin did a little cutting back on some trees which were making parts of the path difficult to pass but where possible we moved the path around any trees to avoid. 

And the highlight of the day? Well the sound of the cuckoo in the valley as we ate our lunch. Previously not a regular visitor to the area but certainly a much welcomed one.

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