Wednesday 23 July 2014

High Camps part deux

Last weekend saw the 2nd of our annual high camps. We had a bumper turnout with a good number of hardy volunteers who were prepared to make the hike up to Little Firthhope and brave the elements - all in the name of the bog bilberry.

Our task last time was the same. We managed to get a second round of materials in (see previous posts) to continue with our peat restoration works. That meant another 500m of jute mesh and another 30 coir rolls.

Making camp in the mist
Everyone worked really hard on the first day (despite the 'inclement' weather) and just like the last high camp, we finished most of the work on day one.  We even managed to get a full peat depth survey completed over at Rotten Bottom.

Volunteers at work
This was followed by a welcome rest in the evening where a few hardy souls took a walk into the mist up to White Coombe whilst the others relaxed and had a bit of banter at basecamp.

Relaxing after hard work
On the second day the sun shone and we were ready for another day in the hills. We divided ourselves into two teams: one focused on the removal of the small tree guards around some juniper that were planted in Little Firthhope. The second team built a number of natural peat dams. We finished the day  by sprinkling sphagnum moss over the jute mesh which will hopefully help to speed up the natural recolonisation process. This has already started in some places as the picture below shows.

Revegetation in netting placed in August 2013
It was another great weekend and a huge thanks once again to everyone who came along.

Maybe see you next year?

Site Officer

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