Wednesday 16 July 2014

Hunting For Dragons

20 eager Dragon Hunters came to Corehead for the first our of new adventure club outings.

We heard a tale of Dragons from long ago and how their magic and dragon powers can be seen in many creatures alive today!

 We then went searching..

 and found many small beasties including Greater Diving Beetle larvae. A ferocious predator who's jaws contain enzymes which starts digesting its prey from the first bite!

Look at those jaws! 

We were very happy to see baby newts halfway through metamorphosis. Soon their gills will be replaced by internal lungs.

and there were plenty of Damselfly nymphs

as well as a mysterious see-through creature. Can anyone identify it?

In the river we found mayflys, caddisfly larvae,  fresh water shrimps and we even caught a fish!
Kick sampling in the stream

Our prize catch 

After a bug hunt in the meadows ...

 every good dragon hunter needs to know how to start a fire

and to eat marsh mallows!

Looking forward to future adventure clubs, next week its potions and lotions!

Community and Education Officer


  1. It was a brilliant day thank you and the kid loved it (both boys slept well last night), can't wait for next week

  2. enjoyed the day.looking forward to the other 2 days were booked in to do