Wednesday 16 July 2014

What a run, what a view!

The moffat run..heads out on the Old Edinburgh Road, then up the (VERY) steep hill at Ericstanes.

With stunning views of Corehead Farm we felt we'd better run it and promote the project at Corehead.

so we got out the running gear and joined in the fun.

The busy streets of Moffat

Flying up the road!

Finishing the race

members of our steering group manned a water station halfway up Ericstanes hill

and all runners received a leaflet about Corehead in their memento bag with rather sore legs, we can say it was definitely worth it!

 Ali and Lynn

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  1. Belated congratualtions. Good stuff, and great PR for Ch. You both look as if you could have done it again as you 'floated' over the line ! John.