Monday 19 January 2015

Junior Rangers begins

Junior Rangers is a new group supported by Community Service Volunteers, Action Earth and Scottish Natural Heritage 

Our first Junior Rangers session was on the 10th January. The weather forecast: snow and high winds!

We decided maybe planting trees up in the hills wasn't the best idea but not to be put off we hired the Annan Water Hall and started Junior Rangers in style!

After introductions and name games; the first challenge: to lower a stick to the floor (harder then it sounds!!)

Then we chatted about all the things we'd like to do in the year. With lots of requests from rope work to pond dipping, navigation and fire lighting along with various conservation work its going to be a busy and very fun year!

 We then drew up (and signed) a group contract before heading out to Corehead.

Richard Clarkson our project partner from the National Trust for Scotland went through some of the tools we'll be using through the year then we braved the blizzard for a walk around Corehead.

Looking forward to getting stuck in next month.

If you'd like to join the Junior Rangers (for 10 to 18 year olds) then please email

Community and Education Officer

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