Friday 9 January 2015

Wildwood by night

In the run up to Christmas we decided to put our trail cam out at Wildwood to see if we could capture images of some of our lowland woodland residents. One of our regular Tuesday volunteers and steering group member John has taken the lead on this and has provided us with some fantastic images. So what did we see?

A fox. This chap (and/or others) popped up a number of times
A hare
A snuffling badger
These are all animals that we know are living at Carrifran but it's great to have the images to show their movements at night time. They all play a role in the natural environment and form an important part of the food chain.

We have now moved the trail cam to a different location and will continue to move it to other places around Carrifran as well as to some of our other sites. We'll be sure to share any exciting footage!

Site Officer

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