Thursday 19 March 2015

Junior rangers plant hazel trees

On the 14th March, 10 Junior rangers came out to Corehead to plant hazel trees in the second orchard.

Why hazels in the orchard you might ask? Well these trees arn't the wild native hazel but a cobb nut cultivated variety, donated to BFT which will give yield large edible nuts.

Luckily for us it had been a milder few days and the ground wasn't frozen and with a bit of hard work soon over 50 trees had been planted.

and we found an interesting ground beetle larvae

We also has a fire lighting challenge using sparks and only reedmace (bulrush) and dry rosebay willow herb for tinder. A bit of practice is required - hopefully by the end of the year Junior rangers will have perfected this art!

 Thanks for everyones hard work.  Next month Junior Rangers will be at Grey Mares Tail rather then Corehead.

Ali Murfitt
Community and Education Officer

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