Monday 6 April 2015

Dry Stone Dyking Workshop

Many thanks to Martin Tilstone who led a fantastic workshop at Corehead Farm on Saturday 4th April.

We started off at a sheep stell for a bit of practise and to get the hang of the basic techniques. 

We learnt to grade stones into different shapes and sizes, from the precious 'through stones' which will span the width of a wall, right through to the small irregular stones packed in the gap between the two faces of a wall known as 'fillings' or 'hearting.'

We quickly discovered the old myth 'that a dyker once picking up a stone will always find its place in the wall'  didn't apply to us (or even a master dyker most likely!) and that each stone needed careful placement with its longest edge facing into the wall, sitting firm and level.  There was no shame in putting a stone down and trying again! 

Once we got the hang of it we headed over to a wall which was vital to keep the sheep (and soon young lambs) out of one of the plantation shelter belts.

There were five sections which needed repair work and working in teams we undertook the tasks with martin running between each group offering much needed advice and assistance! 

In a couple of hours the wall was repaired :)  

Here are some before and after shots!

Can you tell old from new!? 

A really great day.

Ali Murfitt 

Community and Education officer 

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