Tuesday 19 May 2015

Haggis in the Beef Tub

On Monday we were delighted to welcome a team from Edinburgh based company Haggis Tours. We were approached by the organisation who were looking for somewhere to have a day out working on a conservation project. As firm supporters of other organisations including Trees for Life and the John Muir Trust, we were thrilled to have them to a Borders Forest Trust site.
As the team were coming from Edinburgh, we decided that Corehead and the Devils Beef Tub would be the best site for them to help us out with some conservation tasks. The first job was a continuation of the great work started by our Thursday volunteers last week.
During a cold snap over the winter when we had a lot of snow lying on the ground, some of our orchard trees were attacked by a hungry hare. We decided to make some changes to our tree protection and using rolls of plastic mesh netting, stakes and ties we have been making bespoke tree cages.


Most of the trees already had vole guards which we left in place. We also put some small guards around the hazel which have been planted to give them some added protection.
The team were done by lunchtime so after a short break we headed over to Tweedhope for some fence removal. 2hrs later and 100m of fence removed we were done for the day!

The team finished the whole riverside stretch
A big thank you to the Haggis Tours team for all your hard work and good humour.
Site Officer

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