Tuesday 5 May 2015

Wild Forest Food

Cast your mind back a few thousand years and the Moffat hills would have been a very different place, almost certainly cloaked with trees such as hazel, birch, willow, juniper and oak.

At Corehead three valleys have been planted with around 230,000 native trees; the woodland of the future, which will bring huge benefits to wildlife, landscape and people.

 For the Dumfries and Galloway wild spring festival and in the 'Year of Food and Drink' we set out to discover more about these native trees and what products will become available as the woodland grows.

 From birch sap wine to hawthorn leaves, haw and rowanberry jelly, acorn biscuits and wild garlic pesto we enjoyed some of the fruits of the forest which in the future people will be able to once more gather from the Moffat hills.

Future foragers!

A close look at emerging flowers on this Ancient Ash tree, A relic surviving in the gorge

Only five years into the project and many of the trees are growing fast. Its becoming possible to imagine a forest here once more!

Ali Murfitt
Community and Education Officer. 


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