Thursday 10 September 2015

SNH come to Corehead

This week at Corehead we were very lucky to be joined by the southern Scotland team from Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH). They contacted us a few months back asking if we'd like to have their help one morning and of course we said yes!
Many of the team hadn't been to Corehead before so we had a bit of a chat first thing about the site before getting to work.
One group headed over to the Annandale Way to cut back some vegetation that was starting to grow over the path. A second group headed into a small patch of planting we have next to the river. This small riparian strip is the area we use for memorial plantings so the team here were doing a bit of hand weeding of any trees that were getting choked by surrounding vegetation.

The final group attacked a length of fence we have in the in-bye. Our own volunteer team had tackled this a few months back so it was great to get another chunk done.

It's a big thank you from us to the SNH team for all their help!
Site Officer

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