Wednesday 23 March 2016

Fancy a job?

For those of you who follow our work, you may or may not be aware that we have a new job position to fill. Our current Site Officer (that is me!) is leaving on Friday so we are looking for a new person to fill some Site Officer boots!
The job of a Site Officer is very varied. No two days are the same and no one day ever goes as you think it will! But you do get to work in some of the most stunning landscapes in southern Scotland for an organisation that is leading the way in the fields of rewilding and ecological restoration.
The Site Officers role is mostly out and about and the best way to get a feel of what's involved is to read past blog posts - they are in essence a diary of what to expect. Everything from tree planting at high altitude to land and wildlife surveying, leading volunteer groups, feeding into management plans, days out on the quad bike and of course writing blog posts! The list goes on. But the best thing about the job is the team you will have behind you. Borders Forest Trust is lucky to have an absolutely brilliant staff team with wider support from contractors, trustees and volunteers. You'll be welcomed into the fold immediately and fully supported from day one.
If you are interested, follow the link to find out more.
And from me, a final post as the BFT Site Officer. A huge thanks to everyone I've worked with and met along the way. You've been great....

Site Officer

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  1. Have fun with your new adventure Lynn!