Friday 19 September 2014

Scything in the Orchard

Last Saturday we ran our first ever Scything event at Corehead Farm and the Beeftub.

We brought over scything expert John Grundy who lead a group of keen enthusiasts who came to learn all about this traditional skill.

We were lucky to have a perfectly sunny day (although it's always like this in Scotland right??) and John set the scene perfectly by talking through the background to scything and giving everyone a bit of an introduction to all the equipment necessary.

We also learnt about the importance of getting the right size of a scythe and how to adjust the handle and blade. This was followed by an important session on blade maintenance, making sure to keep it as sharp as possible at all times.

And then it was time to have a go.

It was a lovely sight to see the orchard full of people scything and we even managed to cut around some of the trees for practice.

A big thanks to everyone who attended and John for leading a great day. Anyone interested in learning how to scythe or purchasing a scythe can contact John directly via his website

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