Monday 3 November 2014

Build a Bonfire

It was a beautiful calm and sunny November afternoon last Sunday, perfect for our 'build a bonfire' event where with help from local people who came out to volunteer we started to clear the beech brash, burning the smaller branches and saving some of the larger ones for wood for future community events.

We dug turfs to make the fire site which we will replace after the event.

The beginnings!

The fallen beech tree still looks magnificant and we'll be leaving the stump, trunk and a variety of sized branches as a wildlife habitat. Dead wood is a really important habitat for insects and fungi. There are already lots of fungi fruiting on parts of it such as the Hairy Curtain Crust  and Bachelors Buttons/Fairy Trampolines.

Beryl with Stereum hirsutum (The hairy curtain crust fungi)

We had lots of tea and soup heated on a rocket stove.

There were even some spooky post halloween moments

Where is Lynns head!?

 Its amazing how much you can achieve with a group of people and soon the fire was roaring and we had sorted piles of wood for future use including straight ones for shelter building. 

As the night drew in and the moon rose above the trees we celebrated with sparklers around the fire very kindly donated by The Green Frog in Moffat

Thanks so much for everyone who turned up, helped out and joined in the fun.

Community and Education Officer 


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