Monday 15 December 2014

A wintery wander

We have had a LOT of snow over the last week. Here's a selection of pictures of the site taken this morning on one of our monthly fence checks.

Approaching the Whitehope plantation. The snow was just over 1/2 foot deep along here
Nothing like a bit of snow to disguise quad tracks!
Looking up towards Whitehope Knowe
The fenceline running across the top of Lochan Burn - the top of the 6ft deer fence was now just over 2ft above the snow drift
The heathery (honestly...) slope of Lochan Burn
Looking into the Lochan Burn plantation with the start of Hartfell up to the right
Certainly a wild day to be up and about in Corehead but very glad to see the deer fence is holding up well to the start of the winter.

Site Officer


  1. did you see any wildlife footprints/wing scrapes?

    1. Yes indeed - footprints of a fox, hare and roe deer

  2. Steve Sloan ( Chair BFT)6 January 2015 at 02:15

    It looks magical