Tuesday 21 April 2015

Spring Adventures

It was the first of our Adventure Clubs last week..and the theme...Spring challenge using all of our senses.

First we built a birds nest using only one beak (hand in our case!!) We discovered its a lot more tricky then you'd think. Not easy to break sticks with only one hand so selecting the right size and shape is key and working together helped too.

We then used our 'owl vision' to see what strange ojects we could spot hidden on the forest floor and in the branches following a trail through the woods.

 After using our eyes it was time to try life without that sense, and we took turns to be blindfolded, led to a tree and then after feeling the bark, its shape and where the branches stuck out, were led away again. With the blindfold taken off we had to rediscover which tree we had met! Everyone got top marks. 

Finally we sowed wildflower seeds which everyone got to take home

Hope that they grow and provide nectar for lots of bees and butterflies this summer!!

Looking forward to the summer adventure clubs already :)


Community and Education Officer

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