Monday 24 August 2015

The dizzy heights of Corehead

Last weekend we held our first ever Corehead High Camp and we're pleased to report it was a HUGE success!
The high camp tradition was started by ex Carrifran Wildwood Project Officer Hugh Chalmers. We've been running them every year but never at Corehead so we thought it was about time we gave it a go.
The task was working on our march fence and our deer exclosure fence. Whilst this doesn't sound quite as exciting as tree planting (most of our previous high camps have involved planting), we had a number of really important jobs we needed to get done to help keep the trees that are behind the fences safe from munching sheep, goats and deer.
We had a good number of people signed up and despite the ongoing inclement weather (which was threatening to stop the whole thing), the sun came out just when we needed it and so we decided to go ahead.
One of our three tool and equipment drops.. we were going to be busy!
We met at the barn at Corehead and took a stroll up through Tweedhope and then on to Whitehope Knowe where we were set up camp. After getting the tents up in the dry (we all breathed a sigh of relief after that) we split up into 3 teams.
A view from our campsite which we shared with this beautiful orchid (thanks for the picture John!)
Team One were walking along the exclosure fence line and identifying wobbly posts that needed new supports.
Sue and Rory who were leading Team One
Team Two were following behind and doing the repairs as well as securing some of the exclosure gates that had come loose.
Team Two John and Ken making some repairs

A now very secure gate!
Team three were putting in a new stretch of fence line to stop any sheep that may come across Hartfell. We do have a large fence line up there but it is in very bad condition. We took a decision that in the interim period of getting that replaced, we would create a barrier further along which at least prevents them from getting to our trees.
Team Three started as John and Dave

And finished as John and Dave

Putting in a stile so walkers can cross
After a hard days worked we all had a bite to eat before some of us taking an evening stroll around our Whitehope plantation.
Whitehope at dusk looking towards Moffat

Evening sun sets in Lochan Burn

The southern uplands in all their glory
The next day we were up and keen to keep going. With some posts that we had left we did some repairs to our march fence.
Ken and Rory take the lead

Rory adding staples to the new post

Sue making sure the post was definitely in place!
This took us up to lunch when it was time to pack up and head back down.
Packing up (still in the dry!)

We even managed to do a few more repairs on our walk back down
So in summary: a great weekend, a fantastic bunch of people and all jobs done. A big success and thanks to all who participated
Site Officer

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