Monday 16 November 2015

Green woodwork at Corehead

Despite the weather we had a great day yesterday at Corehead, whittling a variety of spoons, spatulas, mushrooms and other creations in the shelter of the barn!

Our instructor for the day was Mark Vrionides.


He brought a variety of wood for us to try and it was incredible to experience the different properties first hand; from the beech which took an age to saw through, to the sycamore which split with satisfying ease, and the fibrous poplar which took a bit more persuasion.

Team work!

Hmmmm. is this too big to split!?

Once the wood was split, we each made our designs and got down to axing and finally whittling it into shape.

Letting the axe do the hard work

Using a hook knife to carve the 'bowl' of the spoon

Finished products!

Many thanks to Mark for leading such a fun and informative workshop and all those who braved the elements and participated with such enthusiasm.  A really lovely day.

Community and Education Officer   

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