Wednesday 30 March 2016

Celebrating Spring

With the spring weather returning we're back out at Corehead Farm with a range of different activities for all ages

We kicked off the season with a Woodland Activity Day which was a mix of conservation work, tree identification, folklore and exploring!

Tree tube removal - its amazing how big these trees have grown in only a few years
Learning about the celtic tree alphabet!
Sharing stories about the trees! 

Then a week later it was the Egg-stravaganza family activity day.

The theme was to learn about birds, eggs,  chick's and celebrate the arrival of spring. 

We started off with a visit into the wetland to see the marsh marigolds which are already blooming.
We went in duckling formation to avoid any potential of falling into the wetland pools!

We collected a few flowers and leaves for our egg dying activity and then set to work to dye our eggs with onion skins

whilst they were cooking away there were nests to build, egg and spoon races to be had, and clues to be discovered to learn more about different birds nests and chick rearing methods. We had team black bird, robin, tawny owl and wood pecker. 

Sharing what we learnt with other groups

Finally it was off to the orchard on a final chocolate egg hunt before unveiling our decorated eggs complete with spring leaf and flower shapes!

Look out for more family activities across the year

Ali Murfitt
Community and Education Officer

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