Monday 14 September 2015

The return of the Talla fencers

5 optimists gathered at Talla on a wet and misty Sunday morning with the crazy intention of mending the eastern boundary fence, not in the valley, but on the very top of the hill.  Where else in such miserable conditions ?!
Picking tools up kindly left by Lynn at the barn and posts dumped at the foot of Wood Brae this dubious looking group plodded slowly but steadily shedding the posts on the way until they were enjoying the full force of the wet and windy conditions at the top of Nickies Knowe.
Nevertheless a morning of steady work stringing wires, belting in posts and tapping staples, regardless of the frequent showers, concluded with friendly lunchtime discussion over damp sandwiches and steaming coffee.
A little more work on the top followed by an afternoon spent lower down repairing the fence on Wood Brae – a name to conjure with for woodland enthusiasts, needless to say it is currently devoid of trees and shrubs – ended the day with a great sense of achievement. 
And of course the sun came out as we came off the hill.  At least it dried us out.  Thanks to all those in the photo.
BFT Vice Chair

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