Wednesday 15 October 2014

Wild Autumn Treasure Trail

In the first of our Autumn sessions with Corehead Adventure club 26 of us many gathered to take part in the treasure trail, here is a glimpse into our adventures on this beautiful sunny Autumn day. 

To the right of the houses at the end of the road,
Once grew a tall tree, upright and proud.
Now it is fallen onto the ground
Look for its stump where the next challenge is found.

 The name of this mushroom can it be true?
Its purple and jelly and thinks a lot too!
Can you guess?
 Purple Jelly B____?

Now open the treasure box behind the stump!…

Many clues and treasures later we made it to the next challenge! 

Make a elf, fairy, goblin or sprite
Or maybe a creature who lives in the night?
It could be an owl a hedge hog or mouse, it could be a worm or a strange mushroom house!

Remember those sticks and the beard you have too
then head onto the stream with your creature new……. 

Leave your creature here!! They are needed to guard the stream and protect the trees whilst you complete your tasks.
Now find your reward J then head for the trees, at about 150 degrees

woodland crowns!! 

Now follow the mushroom with red cap and white spots
There are strange things afoot
Lets see what shes got.  

Well done hurrah, youve got so far, time to head back ta ra ta ra.
Your final prize awaits, back at the barn! 

And the final prize!? A grow your own mushroom kit! 

Join us next week for woodland Ghosts and Fairy Folk. To book please email 

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