Thursday 11 December 2014

Winter lights

Well done to all those who came out on a cold frosty morning to make lanterns out of willow! 

Armed with plenty of hot chocolate, biscuits and a wee fire to warm our toes we set to work.

The obligatory marshmallow toasting!

Willow is a wonderful tree, normally to be found with its roots near water, where many other trees can't grow. It does a great job holding river banks together, reducing flood risk and providing a habitat for a wide range of creatures.

It is also incredibly bendy...and a fantastic resource to make things with.

So we measured out the willow, bent it into shape and after a fair bit of weaving and masking tape we had the willow frames for our lanterns.*

At this point it was getting a bit damp so most of us took tissue paper home to finish later on.

Here is a finished one!

Looking forward to seeing it lit up at night!

The 6th December also happened to be national tree dressing day. We decided to take this literally and rather than ribbons, our wonderful old ash tree got boots, a warm scarf, gloves and a tutu!
Old tree hugs

This was the last event in 2014 but we're putting together an exciting programme of walks, workshops and activities for next year. If there are any events you'd like to see happen at Corehead Farm please email

Community and Education Officer

 * If you'd like to make a lantern yourself the instructions we followed were from the Eden Project and can be found here

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  1. Steve Sloan ( Chair BFT)6 January 2015 at 02:16

    Exciting to see so many young people involved and learning