Thursday 20 August 2015

Adventure club this summer

We've had some great adventures at Corehead this summer. Over the weeks some highlights were making wild plant lip balm, finding lots of dragonfly nymphs, newtlings and other beasties in the wildlife scrapes and drinking meadowsweet cordial that we made on site.

Last week was the final session for the summer and a jam packed one it was too!

We started off making charcoal

Cutting willow to size 

Its very  important to put a hole in the top of the tin so that the gas released from the wood can escape!

You leave the tin on the fire until the smoke and flames stop coming out of the hole in the lid, when this happens it is ready to take off the fire.

The finished product

Whilst all that was going on we had a bash at dying wool using common sorrel roots and meadowsweet

Different shades!

and then there was stick whittling in preparation for marshmallow toasting

and bread on a stick :  )

Thanks everyone who came along and got involved...looking forward to the autumn adventure clubs!

Ali Murfitt
Community and Eduction Officer

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